Saturday, September 29, 2007


Opening post. Thanks to everyone who may read this.

Currently in Finland, where I like it a lot, but still get occasional tinges of uncertainty. I miss my friends really badly of late, and I start wondering, perhaps the only unwasted time is time spent with them? Can't really answer for myself. I can't stop recalling our growing friends several years ago, and I can't help feeling a strong pull of nostalgia, and a faint feeling of something lost. I guess it's the living-in-the-past thing again, but can't be sure of that either.

Anyway. Weather is gloomy, but the trees are still colourful, so it's nice to look out of the window. If I were home now, I would be drinking coffee with milk and re-reading Harry Potter for the umptheenth time. I should be reading the Moomin stories here actually, but I can't get around to doing it.

Went to the Manhattan Film Festival last night, it was a great idea, I miss cinema a lot. I seem to miss a lot of things, and this can't be good. I need a strategy to start living in the present. Although I was living in the present these past 4 weeks, and I can't say anything productive sprang out of it all.

That's it for now. Blogs are fun. Be back later!