Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pet Peeves

Pretentiousness ("Screw popularity, that annoys me..." Yeah, if you think you picked an uber underground band in becoming an obsessed fan of Depeche Mode, you're an ill-read idiot in addition to being embarrassingly pretentious)


Moronic sense of humour.

Moronic sense of humour coupled with homophobia/sexism/racism and idiotism.

Cliches. God, do I hate those. Having an original thought seems like a rare gem.

Stereotypes - see above.

People who have an unwavering faith in stereotypes but question every study or actual evidence you provide.

Explaining everything with "that's just the way things are". Ditto the original thought thing.

The inability to respect a well-mannered, peacefully presented opposing opinion.

Christians who support the death penalty. How does that work?

People who fiercely oppose abortion and extramarital sex and believe they're sins, but support the death penalty.

People who support the death penalty. Nothing justifies that.