Saturday, December 31, 2011

Really Random Ruminations

I've been growing confused about the world and how stuff works, and mostly what it means. Does it really mean what it appears to mean? I feel like I'm standing on very shaky ground. Is it more healthy to transport all of the things you love and have shared into the new territory or to file them in the archive and enter new things in the new shared territory? Why the hell am I hung up on this anyway?

It's snowing. As I grow older, people tend to gravitate towards their own thing and sharedness becomes a luxury. I wonder why, I wonder what value people find in forming their own little bubbles. I've been wondering about the value of the family for a long time. It seems to me it's often understood to have its value rooted in the specific nature of familial ties, but I don't think this is the case - it seems to me its value comes mostly from shared history, so it would work with other types of ties as well, such as friendship. However, suddenly everyone is more interested in some abstract development of themselves, of their own vessels of value contained in their bodies, than in preservation of ties. It's easy to reassure yourself that family is forever, but I feel ties need care to be preserved.