Monday, November 30, 2009

Feminism is not an ideology

Feminism is not just about challenging door-opening etiquette or getting more women into male-dominated professions. Not only is it not a narrowly specialized and/or outdated ideology, but it is a part of the larger movement for the promotion of human rights. Why is feminism not just important, but also VITAL to any society wishing to right its wrongs? Here's what feminism tries to address and fight, among other things:

honour murders
rape - as means of control, as a war tool, as means of subjugation, as a cure for AIDS, as a homophobic tool
domestic violence
bride burning
forced marriage, including child marriages
sexual slavery
female infanticide
abortion of female fetuses
genital mutilation
sexual harassment

Women are half of humanity. Feminism is not a minority issue.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fuck you very much

The power of the visual, especially harnessed in art, stuns me. I've thought long and diligently about having children and have come to the fairly stable conclusion that I don't want them. And then if a single image can change that with one crisp stroke... art has some freakishly powerful tools at its disposal. Many thanks to Beni for linking to this amazing blog: Fuck you very much