Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Digest

This week’s peeves

Graphic songs about sex. It’s not the 1950s anymore. You’re not shocking anyone. I really don’t want to know where you like to be touched or stuffed.

Radio schedules. For Katy Perry and Timbaland, once a day is too much, 5 times is suicidal.

People talking at cross purposes on blogs – I feel like I’ve stuffed my skull with fluff after reading through a few posts with 100+ comments in which people never seem to even listen to each other, let alone understand what they’re saying. Plus I get really desperate trying to follow the links for a wider picture or just some basic background for the relevant discussion. It all feels depressingly sterile.

OMG taxes!!! Could they have made it any more complicated. Taking your money with a pinch of torture.

Work… That one is permanent.

This week’s likes

The weather!

Bird chirping in the silent mornings – now there’s a sound that can never grow tiresome or annoying.

Finally updating my iPod selection. I missed Back To Black so much!

Six Feet Under’s third season which is packed with emotional action like a teenage-targeted novel.

Rana Dasgupta’s book tour launch – he came across as a very sweet, modest, and respectful person, but also remarkably sharp and articulate. I’ll have to buy his book now I guess.

My personal life